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How Starkey Hearing works

How Starkey Hearing works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Livio AI hearing aids sound crisp, clear and amazing! Thanks to new Hearing Reality™ technology, they provide clarity and comfort in noisy environments and are quiet in relaxed settings.

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Track your physical 
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with the Thrive App

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Livio AI and our new Thrive Hearing app make it easy to take a proactive approach to your overall wellness. Sensors in the hearing aids detect movement, gestures and activity, allowing you to monitor your body and brain health in the app.

Stream your TV and phone with Bluetooth® connectivity

Hear phone calls, TV and more directly through your Livio AI hearing aids using the Thrive Hearing app or one of our easy-to-use accessories.

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Try award-winning hearing aids 
for 30 days

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